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To empower our members with the tools, knowledge and the most powerful financial services network to gain control of their lives.
We continue to develop our products, services and network designed to benefit those with less than perfect credit.

We've partnered with the nations leading Credit Bureaus, Financial Institutions, Financial Insurance Companies, Mortgage Lenders, Mortgage Brokers and Debt Consolidation
Companies to assist families navigate through the process of Improving their Credit, Removing Bad Credit items, Removing Credit Inquiries, Disputing Late Payments, No Payments, Charge Offs, Bad Debts, Judgments, Liens and back Taxes.

Our clients are entitled to full service, full benefits and can access our members only area's in order to receive additional assistance for a wide variety of needs. Your satisfaction is our tunnel vision. Please keep us informed of your additional needs so that we can best serve you.

We'll be happy to work out some new partnerships if they fit with our current vision.

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Regardless of your level of experience, past credit history, current financial obligations or future obligations... We can help. We've already helped our clients rid thousands of dollars worth of credit card debt from their credit report using our system. Legitimate debt, wiped clean from the credit bureau reports as though it were never there. We've seen credit scores go from mid 500's to low 700's. Only you have control of your credit. We can help you acquire the knowledge, techniques and skills necessary to alter your credit rating. We've source the best credit repair companies. We'll put you in touch with the credit bureaus. Believe it or not... there are Banks willing to offer you a credit card... Guaranteed. Need to buy a house? Don't think you'll qualify for a mortgage or just need the best rate? We want to help. Need insurance?

Have you ever tried to remove bad credit, judgments, liens, back taxes or late payments? Why continue paying higher interest rates when you can change what is being reported. Thousands have already successfully eliminated bad credit on credit reports. When will you join the ranks of the Platinum club?

We want to help. We can help. We're ready when you are... 

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